AirNav Database Editor

The AirNav Radarbox Database Editing Tool has been designed specifically to allow users to edit the NavData.db3 or MyLog.db3 files of AirNav Systems RadarBox programme in the user-friendly environment of Microsoft Excel.

Gone are the days of having to be an expert in SQL programming in order for you to perform database management of your key NavData or MyLog files.

So, if you have ever wanted to update aircraft codes, bulk change airline names or simply delete old or miscellaneous data, then this programme will do that all for you in three simple steps:

(1) Extract the SQL database tables from the .db3 files into individual MS Excel files.

(2) Edit any of the files extracted in (1) above through the MS Excel 2007 or later environment.

(3) Compile the files edited in (2) above into new NavData.db3 or MyLog.db3 files.

It's simple, fast, easy to use and is programmed in Java to work on PC and Mac systems.